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How to wash your hands - All questions answered!

Posted on: By: Agrima Gulati and Sharannya Mukherji
Everything you need to know about washing your hands - we have got you covered! Here are some Handwashing FAQ’s we’ve lined up for you to build you...
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Do you really need to Wash Hands after using Sanitizer?

Posted on: By: Agrima Gulati
During these unprecedented times, one might forget their own wallet but seldom forgets their mask and sanitizer. We use our trusted hand sanitizer ...
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Making hand wash fun for kids - with a little help from Science! 

Posted on: By: YDG Collaborator
All of us at some point in our lives have been chided for not washing our hands before eating. If anything that’s the one thing that we’ve all been grilled about until it became a habit. Anyway, now with this dreaded pandemic on, thank goodness am I right?
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What is the best soap - let’s break it down

Posted on: By: YDG Collaborator
Washing your hands is the first step towards infection prevention, we all know that too well by now. Soaps are one of the most efficient ways of removing pathogens from our hands, not just Covid-19 but a range of dangerous things that can be harmful for our health. 
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How to clean your appliances?

Posted on: By: Kopraan Store
Our very favourite, giving us fresh and clean clothes daily, the regular usage of washing machines gives rise to a build-up of dirt and mould inside. This could further lead to an unpleasant odour and diminished effectiveness. 
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