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Our Story



It has been a while since the COVID 19 outbreak. And, it’s been such a journey for every one of us. Among all the challenges it came with, the best part was that I got to spend a lot of time with my then 4-year old. We started doing a lot of little things together - making sandwiches, growing kitchen herbs, family game nights, pretend play and keeping our home clean & safe.

Our home became our whole world and my husband & I worked hard to keep our house clean and germ-free. We built our everyday hand wash rituals, protocols for handling stuff that came from outside, how to wash fresh produce and what have you. I know you did too.

Here we were, cleaning more than ever before. That's good, right? 

No, not always. Along the way, I discovered that my everyday cleaners were full of super-toxic chemicals with scary side effects. In our well-meaning routine of scrubbing every surface, I was building up toxins in our home.

As terrifying as this may sound it’s, unfortunately, true. Research* shows that toxic chemicals in conventional household cleaners cause several health issues ranging from acute hazards such as skin or respiratory issues, chemical burns or watery eyes to chronic hazards such as cancer, fertility issues, ADHD and more. This was not ok with me.

This is where the Koparo story began. We know that eating organic food and using clean beauty products are not enough for a healthy lifestyle. In 2023, Mira Kapoor has collaborated with us to promote sustainable and non-toxic cleaners that are good for you and the planet.

We're obsessed with cleanliness and we're on a quest to make cleaning products that are incredibly powerful and yet safe for you, your kids, your pets and our planet.

Join us on our quest to redefine clean and create great habits to live by. Habits that sparkle are the real shine in any home.


Simran Khara
Founder, Koparo


*Household Chemical Products and Their Health Risk
*Cleaning Supplies and Your Health