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At Koparo, we believe in hands-on parenting. Often when kids pitch in with the household chores, the simple task of folding clothes becomes a tent making competition. Wiping the kitchen counter ends up in us making a spontaneous snack. Scrubbing the floor becomes a dance fest and more often than not, those little fumbling feet and bumbling hands may lead to situations where the cleaning never ends. 

But every day, what never stops is the growing, the bonding, the learning and the laughing.

A mum from New Delhi started Koparo with a single goal of making effective, plant-powered cleaning & hygiene products that are safe to use in all homes.


We’ve ensured we don’t put anything in our products that you wouldn’t let your kids touch. And so, we searched and found the most powerful plant-based ingredients that take the fight to dirt, grime and germs and packed them in good measure in our cleaners. We avoid using non biodegradable ingredients that are potentially harsh for you and certainly harmful for the planet. Go on and get them to fight against the dirt, guilt free!

Our products are manufactured in a state of the art facility with WHO approved Good Manufacturing Practices to deliver you a consistent quality standards across our range.


We have nothing to hide and will tell you all about the ingredients - their names and what is their source. 

We hate the bad stuff - ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, EDTA, bleach, triclosan and artificial colours as these have been linked to several short & long term health issues including breathing discomfort, allergies, hormone imbalances, and even cancer. 

Considering how these can adversely affect us, our loved ones and the environment, we have devised a formulation that is eco-friendly, kid safe and pet safe. Our formulations are PETA certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

We have ensured that while being naturally sourced and plant-based, our non-toxic* products do what they are supposed to do well in the first place i.e. clean effectively.


* no added ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, EDTA, bleach, triclosan and artificial colours