Koparo's natural Non-toxic cleaning products

Why Koparo?

Koparo isn’t a word but to us, it’s our whole world. Koparo is inspired by the word 'Kopraa' or coconut.

This super ingredient has multiple uses and benefits. Turns out that coconut-based surfactants i.e. the stuff that puts the hurt on the dirt are just as effective as their synthetic cousins.

There began our search to question every ingredient that typical cleaning products use and come up with a formula that is natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic while being baby safe and pet friendly.

We are baffled by the irony that cleaning products leave more chemicals and toxins on surfaces after their use. Koparo is our journey to change that. We have questioned the presence of every chemical & synthetic addition to come up with cleaning products that harness the power of nature's cleaning ingredients.

Our cleaners are plant-derived, non-toxic, pH balanced across surfaces, and leave no toxic residue making them earth safe, eco-friendly, and readily biodegradable.

Our Story

Wash your hands. Cover your mouth. Sanitize everything. Repeat.

This is life as we know it ever since the COVID 19 outbreak. As a mother to a four-year-old girl who is constantly touching every surface, crawling into spaces which haven’t been cleaned for a while, sneakily eating a piece of chocolate from the floor, I asked myself a question: how clean is my house, really?

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What are people saying


I'm always on the look out for chemical free floor cleaners. So glad to have discovered Koparo. Super fast delivery too!


Love that the cleaners are kid safe. Now I don't have to worry about my baby sneakily popping something from the floor into his mouth.


Glad to be using non-toxic cleaning products especially as we are cleaning more these days. I have been using the dishwashing liquid & floor cleaner for over 2 months, and they get tough on the dirt & grime. Bonus is the fresh fragrance!


All purpose chemical free cleaners, the need of the hour, now fulfilled thanks to Koparo!


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