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Combo | Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bags | Large Pack of 4 & Medium Pack of 6

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Product Information:


• The garbage bag is available in medium size (24 cm x 32 cm) and offers ample storage capacity to accommodate a variety of waste types and quantities
• Designed with a convenient drawstring closure, Koparo oxo-biodegradable garbage bags are easy to tie up and dispose of once they are full
• Despite being biodegradable, Koparo oxo-biodegradable garbage bags are still durable and strong enough to hold heavy loads without tearing or puncturing easily
• Koparo garbage bags are made with an oxo-biodegradable additive that helps them break down quickly and completely when exposed to natural elements such as sunlight, heat, and oxygen

Biodegradable Technology

Where to use?


Koparo garbage bags are versatile and practical, designed to fit easily into various shaped bins for indoor and outdoor use. They can be used for waste disposal in the kitchen, office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and more, and also for pet waste, car trash, and pet litter, among other uses, making them a multi-purpose solution for all your waste management needs.

Detachable Tie Tape

Koparo garbage bags feature a detachable tie-tape for easy disposal and a tough star seal at the bottom. Our attention to detail ensures a convenient and hygienic waste management solution.

Perforated And Easy To Tear

Say goodbye to frustrating garbage bag tears and awkward scissor manoeuvers! Our new Koapro Oxo-biodegradable garbage bags feature perforated edges that make them easy to tear with just the flick of a wrist.

Durable and Strong Design


Combo of 240 bags
Koparo's garbage bag combo includes 180 medium bags of 19 x 21 inches each and 60 large bags of 24 x 32 inches each.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
Koparo's oxo-biodegradable garbage bags promote sustainability and eco-friendliness as they readily decompose into natural substances and avoid the harmful buildup of residues in the environment.

Innovative Design
With an ergonomic design and unique detachable tie-tape, Koparo garbage bags fit various bin shapes for indoor and outdoor waste management.

Tough and Durable
The star-seal design at the bottom of each bag ensures that they don't tear or leak, providing a reliable solution for waste management.

In addition to household waste management, Koparo medium size garbage bags can be used for pet waste, car trash, and other waste disposal needs.

More Details

• MRP (inclusive of all taxes): Combo - ₹1027
• Includes 60 bags of large size (24 x 32 inches) and 180 bags of medium size (19 x 21 inches)

• Manufactured & Packaged by: Narendra Plastic Pvt. Ltd.
Survey No. 43671 & 43672, Village Dabhel,
Daman 396210 (U.T) India

• Country of Origin - India

Caution -
• Not suitable for recycling
• Keep out of reach of children and pets
• Do not overfill
• Store in a cool, dry place

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What are Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bags?

Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bags are a type of plastic bag that contain an additive that helps them break down more quickly when exposed to air and sunlight, eventually becoming biodegradable.

What is the different between compostable and oxo-biodegradable bags?

Compostable bags are designed to biodegrade into compost, making them an environmentally friendly choice for waste disposal. Meanwhile, oxo-biodegradable bags contain an additive that enables them to also break down rapidly in the environment.

Are Koparo Garbage Bags safe for the environment?

Yes, Koparo Garbage Bags are designed to be safe for the environment. They contain non-toxic materials and break down more quickly than traditional plastic bags, reducing their impact on the environment.

Are Koparo Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bags recyclable?

No, Koparo Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bags are not recyclable. They are designed to break down and biodegrade in a landfill environment.

Are Koparo Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bags safe to dispose pet waste?

Yes, Koparo Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bags are safe for pet waste as long as they are disposed of properly. It is important to keep garbage bags out of reach of pets to prevent any potential choking or ingestion hazards.