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Combo | Laundry Detergent | 1800 ML | Fabric Conditioner | 500 ML | Lily

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Product Information:


• Can be used in top-loading & front-loading machines or for hand wash.
• Removes dirt, germs & stains, cares for your washing machine & your clothes.
• No Dyes, No Bleach, No synthetic dyes or harmful artificial colour added, so just a clear cleaner
• The liquid detergent dissolves quickly in washing machines, removes stains effortlessly and leaves no residue on clothes or in machines
• Infused with nature's antibacterial agents that help in killing the microbes, germs & bacteria which emerge from food spills, sweat or dirt

Tough On Stains & Germs



Enzymes help break down stains on clothes and works best in cold water. They can get deep into the fabric to remove stains while protecting the fibres.

Coconut Based Cleaners

Our plant-based formulas harness the power of coconuts and other earth-safe elements, creating a clean that removes dirt, germs and smudges.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil provides you with natural protection against germs that tend to build up in your clothes.

100% Natural Action


Ever wondered how you can plough through piles of laundry with heaps of laughter? It’s easy! Get the kids involved and add a little bit of Koparo Clean Laundry Liquid. Our natural, non-toxic laundry liquid is incredibly powerful on everyday grime & stubborn stains, all while making laundry time fun and habit forming.

Our plant-powered liquid works on all kinds of clothes & works well for both hand & machine wash. We’ve also added Eucalyptus extracts to provide you with natural protection against germs that tend to build up in your clothes.

The infusion of Fresh Cotton, Lily & Vanilla ensures that your clothes smell great long after you've washed them. Trust us, this is your new power-packed bundle for a whole lot of fun laundry times and fresh, clean clothes.

No Dyes, No Bleach, No synthetic dyes or harmful artificial colour added, so just a clear cleaner completely safe for children’s clothes.

More Details

• MRP (inclusive of all taxes): Combo Pack - 1588 Rs
• Manufactured & Packaged by - Aditya Renewtech LLP - Plot no. 5, Devam 3, Industrial Estate, Santej, Gandhinagr, Gujarat - 382721
• Country of Origin - India
• Expiry Date - 2 years from the date of manufacture

• For external use only.
• Store in a cool & dry place
• Colour of product may change due to use of natural ingredients and essential oils
• Product images are for representational purposes only, actual may vary

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Is this for front-loading or top-loading machines?

Koparo laundry liquid can be used in both front loading as well as top-loading washing machines.

Can I use this for hand washing?

Yes, it can be used for handwashing of clothes.

Can we wash silks and woolens using this?

Koparo laundry detergent works well for all kinds of clothes ranging from everyday clothes to wool, silk, delicate clothes etc.

Is this for cold wash or hot wash?

You can use Koparo laundry liquid at cold or hot water temperatures.

What certifications do you have?

Our products are manufactured in WHO GMP aligned premises and are PETA certified vegan and cruelty free. We use naturally derived ingredients to the maximum extent possible. All our fragrances are IFRA certified hypoallergenic.