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Combo | Natural All-Purpose Cleaner - 500 ML | Magic Eraser - Pack of 4 | Eco-friendly

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Product Information:


• 3X powerful cleaning formulation with natural surfactants
• Koparo all-purpose cleaners can be used across glass, tabletops, kitchen counters, windows, mirrors, oven, fridge, furniture etc.
• Koparo magic eraser cleans stubborn stains on smooth surfaces. It provides lint-free & scratch-free cleaning. Just add water, squeeze excess by pressing between palms and clean away!
• No chemicals, no harsh substances used, so just a safe magic eraser and all-purpose cleaner.

Tackles Dirt, Grease & Shines Surfaces


Active Salts

Natural salt is effective at tackling dirt and grime, it prevents spots and watermarks on the surfaces and is a natural de-odorizer.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid is a natural alpha hydroxy acid that helps kill bacteria, and some fungi, it's great for general sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning.

Teatree Oil

With its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties, tea tree oil eliminates germs leaving your surfaces thoroughly clean and fresh.

Stubborn stain removal


Removes dirt & dust to give a streak free shine
This surface cleaners has a 3X powerful cleaning formulation with natural surfactants. It is enriched with tea-tree oil which is nature’s own anti-bacterial and anti-viral ingredient. It’s time to get your little helpers into action with this magical multi-purpose cleaner that’s powered with everything you are as a mom!

Life of magic eraser
Koparo Magic Eraser will withstand cleaning 5-10 stains of average surface area. Beyond that you may see the edges fraying, however, you can continue to use it.

Save Big with koparo clean
Koparo Clean products are safe, effective, and eco-friendly made from natural ingredients. They are highly concentrated, reducing the amount of packaging waste. This curated koparo bundle will give you additional savings.

More Details

MRP (inclusive of all taxes): Pack of 2 - ₹578
Manufactured & Packaged by -Aditya Renewtech LLP - Plot no. 5, Devam 3, Industrial Estate, Santej, Gandhinagr, Gujarat - 382721
Country of origin: India

For external use only
Store in a cool & dry place
Colour of product may change due to use of natural ingredients and essential oils
Product images are for representational purposes only, actual may vary

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Is Koparo all-purpose spray safe for use in children's room?

Yes, it is safe for children’s rooms as it is natural and plant-based. Koparo formulas are PETA certified vegan and cruelty free.

Is this all-purpose spray safe to use around pets?

Yes, it is safe for use around pets as it is natural and plant-based. It does not have any ammonia added making it a safe choice around dogs, cats and other pets.

How do I use the Koparo magic eraser?

Moisten the magic eraser with water and drain the water out of it by pressing it from both sides. Rub it gently in a circular motion across the stubborn stains and just watch them magically disappear. Use a clean cloth to dry the surface afterward.

How not to use the Koparo magic eraser?

Do not twist, squeeze, fold or wring the magic eraser or it will break. Simply press it from both sides to drain out excess water.

Will the Koparo magic eraser leave any kind of stains?

No, the magic eraser does not leave any kind of stains or scratches.