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How to ensure that your kids' playing session is not making them ill?


COVID-19 has forced us to think about our daily habits. While we took a lot of things for granted earlier, the changing times require us to ensure that we are following the best practices when it comes to cleaning.



The most common germs around children’s toys and play area:

  • Influenza which causes colds
  • Salmonella which causes typhoid
  • Strep which can cause inflammatory fevers
  • E. coli which typically causes UTIs (urinary tract inflections)
  • Staphylococcus aureus which can cause skin infections

Here are some tips on how you can keep away the germs and keep the children safe.

Make your child wash their hands with soap before and after the playing session

By washing the hands before playing you reduce the risk of germs accumulating on the toys and by doing so after the session you prevent the germs from the toys from being carried to other things such as food.

Clean and disinfect the toys regularly

For a lot of toys, there are cleaning instructions mentioned on them—some are even washable. Put them in the washing machine with a mild detergent and sun dry them.

If however, you don't find the cleaning instructions on the toys, you can use a natural and toxin-free detergent or cleaner from time to time. You can use Koparo’s All Purpose Spray on the wooden toys and if there are plastic ones (without batteries), they can be dipped in a warm soapy solution of Koparo dishwashing liquid for 20 minutes before thoroughly rinsing them.

Also, consider placing them in the sun for some time. It’s natures best antidote to germs and stubborn bacteria.

In fact you should build this into your weekly routine. How about clean the toy Sundays?

Discard unused toys

The toys that are not used by your kid create unnecessary clutter and become a hotspot for germs to accumulate. The best way to deal with them is to donate them to local NGOs. Goonj in Delhi NCR is happy to upcycle old toys if you drop them off at their collection centres.


Have a designated play area & clean it daily

Having a designated play area will ensure that your cleaning can be focused and be done daily. If your child plays on the floor, mop it daily with a chemical-free floor cleaner. If they play on a rubber mat or sheet, wash them if possible or disinfect them daily.

If you have begun to take your children out to the playground, implement bath time when you get home

Make some clear rules - shoes off outside in a rack, throw clothes into the washing machine immediately and straight to a warm soapy bath. Making children a part of the discussion around COVID related protocol makes a big difference. So do talk to them and try and explain the reasons behind what you are asking them to do.

Stay safe.