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Get Rid of Dog Smell from Your Home with Koparo

Getting rid of dog smell from your home


Dog smell? What is that?
Said no dog parent ever.

If you have a furry friend at home, at some point in the week you are confronted with a strong odor. It is very common for homes with pets to smell funny. Following a good hygiene routine with our pets and establishing some cleaning practices can help you remove dog smell with ease.

But first of all, let’s understand why our precious furries smell?

The dog smell is really its scent, and our dogs are extremely proud of it. It is their identity and their mark on the world. Smell from hot dog breath, saliva, and their oily skin and waxy ear build-up (just like us), along with sweat from their feet (did you know this?) are all part of the dog’s body odor. Now you know why the house gets so smelly!

Here is a Koparo rundown on how to remove dog smell from your home.

Sweep, mop, repeat

The basics can't be ignored. Daily sweeping and mopping the floors—preferably with a fragrant floor cleaner will help you remove the dust, hair, dander, and other particles that cause the dog smell. If you have a hairy dog that sheds like crazy, sweep and mop twice a day. Koparo's Floor Cleaner has a lovely Rose and Jasmine smell by the way—just saying!


For carpets, sofas, and all other places where your dog plays and that can't be swept and mopped, regular vacuuming is important. Make vacuuming a routine. Typical Indian homes do not have a vacuum cleaner but this is an investment you must make with pets in the house to be able to get to the dog hair and dander which can cause bacteria build up in your rugs, curtains, carpets, furniture and sofas. Clean and change your vacuum filter often as well. Vacuuming will make the house cleaner and help everyone breathe easy.

Wash the dog bed

Pet Safe Floor Cleaner

The dog bed ‘is’ the hotspot of dirt, saliva, urine, dander, and hair that contributes to that musty dog smell. If not washed regularly, it can emit a strong odor. We recommend washing the dog bed with a mild detergent every week. Make sure to sun dry it. If the dog’s bed isn’t washable, invest in a washable dog bed.

Ensure proper ventilation and get an air purifier

Ventilation goes a long way to reduce pet smell from our homes. Open the windows and doors everyday to let some fresh air in. It will also carry the smell away. Air purifiers are a good investment as they may help reduce dog odor issues by killing the bacteria and fungi that cause it.

Clean your dog's toys

Remove Pet Smell from Home

Every dog has its own set of toys. Your dog's rubber toys can be cleaned in a sink with a dishwashing liquid. Use warm water and a brush to remove dirt and saliva from the toys. Koparo's dishwashing liquid is completely safe to use for your dog’s toys and accessories.

Oil diffuser, scented candles, incense sticks

Essential oil diffusers create a soothing atmosphere in the house and smell good. Light some beeswax candles every evening. Beeswax candles are natural air purifiers and offer a lingering fragrant smell. They don’t leave much residue either. Incense sticks and cones are an option too, and most Indian households have them handy. Be make sure no one in the house is allergic to these before trying them out.

Salt lamps are another great option to neutralise pet odor from home and have health benefits too.

Activated charcoal and houseplants

Activated charcoal neutralises odors including pet odor, mold, and human waste. It is a much safer product for deodorizing than chemical odor neutralisers and works very efficiently.

Houseplants not only purify air and provide oxygen, they have aesthetic value and can help neutralise odors. Jasmine, lavender and rosemary can also bring with them their own natural fragrance. Be sure to check the plants you place indoors are pet friendly as some aren’t.

Pet Hair Remover

Get a pet hair remover roller brush to get rid of odor causing pet hair from your bed covers, sofas and curtains. Not only will the furnishings look clean but will aid in your quest for a odor free home.

Consult your vet if the smell is stronger than the regular dog smell

If the pungency and strength of the dog’s smell increases, it is advisable to consult your vet as it may point to an underlying infection.

Getting rid of dog smell is about ensuring that you regularly clean all surfaces that your dog touches. Once you have implemented this extensive checklist, your home should be smelling fresh, or maybe no smell at all!

What is important though is that you use natural and toxin-free cleaning products. The chemicals that the regular cleaners contain can be very harmful to your dog as they can cause rashes and other skin problems. Koparo's cleaning products fit the bill perfectly. Take a look at Koparo’s natural and non-toxic cleaning products range to help remove dog smell from your home naturally.

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