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Stepping out for Diwali shopping? Easy tips to stay safe


Diwali is just around the corner and with all the gloom that this year has had us subject to, the arrival of the festival is a very exciting time. What this also means is that the frantic yet pleasurable shopping season is back. But things are different this time around with COVID-19. So we thought of putting down a few tips which will ensure that you have your fun while shopping but you also stay safe at the same time.


Try to shop online if you can

We know it isn't as thrilling as you can't feel things and it also doesn't allow you to have a mid-shopping golgappa session but the times that we are in requires us to be extra cautious. Shopping online will reduce your chances of getting exposed to the virus.

It is not all that bad though. There’s amazing sales and almost every item you wish to gift is available now online. 

Wear a mask & carry a sanitizer when stepping out

If you need to step-out then don't forget to wear your mask and carry a sanitizer with you. Ensure that the sanitizer has more than 70% alcohol. Don't remove the mask when you are outside and sanitize your hands after touching any surface (that includes mithai boxes, clothes, hangers). Also, try avoiding touching your face when you are outside.

Tips to clean your fabric mask:

  • Wash fabric masks in soap or detergent and preferably hot water (at least 60 degrees Centigrade/140 degrees Fahrenheit) at least once a day.
  • If it is not possible to wash the mask in hot water, then wash it in soap/detergent and room temperature water, followed by boiling the mask for 1 minute.

Plan your outings & avoid eating out

You should try and plan your shopping in a way that requires you to step-out less frequently. Make an elaborate to-do list which is sensible in terms of the route that you will take helping you reduce the number of outdoor trips you make.

Also, as far as possible, try stepping out with a full tummy and drink water before you leave your home. By avoiding the urge to eat out you reduce the risk of contracting the virus from contaminated surfaces such as plates. Availing the takeaway service and re-heating food at home before consuming it can be a safer alternative.

Open your shoes & leave your belongings at the door

It is important that you leave your shoes and your belongings such as your phone, wallet, and the items that you just bought at the door and disinfect them before placing them at their proper place.

Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds

Before you do anything else, make sure you wash your hands well with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Ensure that you also clean the not so easily accessible areas such as your wrists and under your nails. In fact wash high up to your elbows.

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Put your clothes in the washing machine & head straight to the shower

You should shower when you get back from your shopping spree. It will help in washing off any dirt and germs that may be resting on your body. The same goes for your clothes. Washing them when you get back is a good practice.

These are some very easy to follow steps that will help you in staying safe while enjoying your Diwali experience as well. For all your cleaning needs though, you can shop comfortably from the comfort of your homes on Koparo. Here is wishing you and your family a Happy Diwali.

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