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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Floor Cleaner Wisely!

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Floor Cleaner Wisely!

Floor Cleaners are one of the most important household cleaning products ever. After all, our floors are susceptible to all sorts of dust, grime, mud, and bacteria from the outside world. This is why we use them every single day to ensure no nasty things survive. If the floor looks squeaky clean, we consider the job well done. But when there is a crawling baby in the house or a pet that pretty much uses your floor as a playground, one tends to think twice about the hygiene of their floors. 

However, there is more to our floor cleaner than meets the eye. Most commercial cleaners might do an excellent job of whitening your floor really well but they often leave behind substances that can be seriously harmful to you, your family, and your pets - toxins. Surprising isn’t it? Yep indeed! 

So here we are busting some myths associated with your everyday floor cleaners to help you choose your next one, wisely! (or you could totally scroll down, take our word for it and click ‘add to cart’. Just kidding! Definitely give this a read first, folks)

‘99.9%, can my cleaner really do that?’

99.9% sounds like an unbelievable statistic and that’s cause it is. Before the world switched to Netflix, television was where the action was at. The television generation knows this statement by heart. The reality is that this number was nothing but a marketing gimmick used for many common disinfectants in not just India but around the world. This type of statement can be misleading and potentially dangerous if it becomes the primary reason you are choosing a particular product.

Your disinfectant is only effective against harmful everyday bacteria and pathogens. Interestingly enough, not all are built same even if they all boast of 99.9% effectiveness. All in all, disinfectants come in many different kinds and have varying rates of effectiveness associated with them. This is why they cannot be effective against all kinds of germs and pathogens that are known to us, nor should they be expected to.

‘Can I trust my Floor Cleaner enough to allow my baby to crawl on it?’

Your floor is your baby’s whole world when they start the exciting journey of crawling. As fun as it might be for them, it is just as worrisome for you. For starters, it’s hard to ascertain what’s really lurking on your floor. Those annoying crumbs, food splatter, or pet hairs are easy to hunt but what about the bacteria, dust, and other allergens. 

So a very important aspect of baby proofing your home during this time is a LOT of cleaning. Your everyday, commercial floor cleaner does more harm than good. For starters, it is loaded with chemicals and toxins. If this is accidentally ingested it can trigger reactions ranging from rashes to allergies. These cleaners are not just unsafe for them but also for you and your pets. Koparo’s All Natural Floor Cleaner has a superb concentration of organic ingredients, anti-bacterial essential oils, and no added dyes. It was designed keeping in mind the health of our crawling little ones and our adorable pets.

“What about my Furry one?”

Your little furry friend sheds hair every day, which can often be frustrating when it comes to cleaning the house. A hair ball in every corner isn’t an uncommon surprise. But let’s face it their puppy dog faces are so worth it. 

Most of the time we are not aware that commercially manufactured floor cleaners could be extremely toxic for our pets. Your pets have a natural sense of curiosity and their lack of awareness might lead to accidental ingestion of harmful substances. Besides, they spend the majority of their time on the floor, so their skin also has a higher chance of absorbing these toxins. Pets have a much faster metabolism coupled with smaller lungs, this means that their body has to put in a lot more effort and strain to rid itself of toxins and chemicals. Additionally, they are also breathing them in faster. 

Hardwood vs Marble Floor

Remember all floors are not created equal: A cleaner that cleanses one surface beautifully might be too harsh for another. 

All wooden floors should be vacuumed or at least swept regularly as the dirt that settles on them can affect their finish as time progresses. For wooden flooring that is surface-sealed one can even make a DIY Floor Cleaner with a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid and warm water. But hey! When there is a Natural Floor Cleaner right here, that’s suited for wooden floors, why experiment with a dishwash.

Wood & water aren’t friends so it’s advisable to wring your mop till it’s only damp before sweeping away. 

Koparo’s Natural Floor Cleaner is also best suited for marble and tile flooring as it does not contain ammonia, strong detergents or anything that is too abrasive. 

Okay, mopping brigade! Now that you’re all equipped with some cool cleaning facts, let the chores commence.