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Pet-safe Cleaning Products: The Low Down


If you have kids, you are familiar with the constant worry: is my floor clean? People with furry babies share the same concern. Most of the time we are not aware that commercially manufactured floor cleaners could be dangerous for our pets. It’s important to know that the toxins and chemicals in synthetic cleaners can make our pets sick and irritate their skin. 

Pets = more cleaning

Usually having a pet means more cleaning around the house. They bring in germs from their visits outside, shed hair, spill food and water and some might even enjoy shaking off their dirt in the middle of the living room. 

Pets love the floor

Pet Friendly Floor Cleaner

Besides, pets spend a lot of time on the floor. They sleep on it when they want to enjoy the cool surface, their paws are always on the floor, they sit and roll around on the floor, lick fallen food off it and they often sniff with their nose glued to the floor – and all this exposes them to the chemicals left behind by floor cleaners. They also inhale the toxic vapours.

Pets are more vulnerable

If you think animals are hardier than humans, you are wrong. Some chemicals are harsher on pets than they are on humans. And, in case of small-sized pets, just like with babies, even a small dose of chemical exposure could mean big damage.

So next time before you rush to bring out your chemical-based floor cleaner, make sure to check the ingredients. If it doesn’t have the following, you’re in the clear:

Chlorine: Even when diluted, chlorine can cause skin irritation and burn the eyes, mouth or nose. Leading floor cleaners can hav Benzalkonium Chloride as an active ingredient.

Ammonia: Ingesting ammonia could make your pet sick. It can also cause serious skin irritation on contact even when diluted, and lung damage if non-diluted contents are inhaled directly.

Phenols: While phenols aren’t very dangerous when diluted, they are very hazardous in a concentrated form. They are corrosive and can damage skin and mucous membranes, and highly toxic if ingested – so much so that ingesting about a tablespoon of concentrated phenol can be fatal to a human.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Found in many cleaning substances they linger in the air as vapours or gas and are hazardous and may cause breathing issues.

Glycol Ethers: Glycol ethers can cause liver or kidney damage and fluid accumulation in lungs as a result of too much exposure from ingestion or inhalation.

Mainstream cleaning products contain synthetic dyes and strong scents, irritants and carcinogens that are often linked to cancer.

Dog Safe Floor Cleaner

Now that you know what chemicals you need to avoid, you can look for organic floor cleaning products or non-toxic cleaning products which do not pose a risk to your children and pets. Eliminate or minimise using bleach or ammonia to disinfect and switch to organic cleaning products.

Koparo’s natural and non-toxic floor cleaner, dishwashing liquid, hand wash and all-purpose cleaner is ammonia-free, chlorine-free, phenol-free and synthetic dyes-free making it a safe choice in homes with pets. We recommend you use the entire range of child-safe, pet-friendly products - Koparo’s Essentials Kit, for a 100% toxin-free home cleaning experience.

No matter what type of cleaner you use to clean the floor, we recommend allowing your pet to walk on the freshly cleaned floor only after it is completely dry. We also recommend ventilating the room well everyday.

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