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indoor low maintenance plants for clean air

Low Maintenance, Low Investment Plants For You


A house with beautiful plants in each corner, a touch of nature in your most comfortable space. 

Doesn't that sound like a dream? 

Except, it's not, because in reality our love for plants is overpowered by the energy we require to tend for them. We could get around to showering our love once in a while, but it could be easily forgotten too, leading to shriveled up leaves & even worse - Dead plants!

Fortunately for those who don't get around to smiling with glee while watering their plants and speaking to them everyday… Nature has yet another gift for us! A wide variety of lovely, low maintenance indoor plants. 

Why these, you might ask? 

  1. Act as air purifiers - Absorbing all the chemicals and releasing good, fresh, natural air into the house, improving the quality of indoor air. So, you can breathe easy! 
  2. Low maintenance - As mentioned above, you don't need to feel guilty about forgetting about them once in a while! All of them require low light & minimal water! 
  3. Therapeutic - Plants have a natural way to make you feel calmer & more collected, therefore decreasing your stress levels! It releases good vibes and let’s go of all the bad. 
  4. Increases productivity – Known to decrease stress, just being around plants enables people to work with increased attention and gives their self-esteem a major boost.
  5. A sight for sore eyes - Adding small plants to any room & office, help in making the atmosphere lively and comfortable. 
  6. Inexpensive – A one-time cost, these plants cost anywhere between Rs.200-Rs.1000. But, with its low maintenance feature, you don’t need to worry about changing the soil or replanting them.

They enhance the mood, mind, soul & the room, check them out below: 

1. Snake Plant

Popularly known as: Mother In-Law's Tongue, Viper's Bowstring Hemp

Snake Plant Air Purifier Indoor Plant


It makes for a fantastic choice for the indoors. It eliminates toxins like benzene, xylene, toluene, carbon dioxide etc. and is one of the plants that produce a great amount of oxygen! 

Demands: Shady area and minimal water supply (a self-watering plant would do wonders)


2. Money Plant

Popularly known as: Silver Vine, Golden Pothos


Golden pothos Low Maintenance Plant

The name in itself, pulls you in, doesn't it? It's a symbol of financial luck. 

In its other benefits, it absorbs UV rays from phones and laptops, produces oxygen and grows to be a beautiful sight in any corner of your house. 

Did you know?

According to Vastu, it should be kept indoors in the southeast direction of the living room or hall. In Vastu Southeast direction, the owner is Lord Ganesha and planet that rule is Venus. It is believed that Lord Ganesha removes bad luck from the owner and showers it with wealth and prosperity.

Demands: Less sunlight & watering only when top soil is dry!

3. Aloe Vera Plant

Popularly known as: First Aid Plant, True Aloe

We see Aloe Vera in our food, our shampoo, our cleansers, our lip balms, our facewash… it's everywhere! And to take it one step further, bring it home, and get the gel directly from the source. 

It heals scars & wounds, makes the skin soft, consuming the gel is known to lower blood sugar levels and so much more. 

Demands: Water every 2 days (it's okay if you skipped a day or 2) & a sunny corner for it to be happy! 

4. Lucky Bamboo

Popularly known as: Ribbon Dracaena, Goddess of Mercy's plant

We've all seen bamboos as huge & unreachable plants, but this one could be just perfect as an indoor plant in your favourite spot at home.

It symbolizes the five forces of nature, bringing in oxygen & showering prosperity on all.

Demands: Grow on soil or water. If water (which is easier) then change water every 2 weeks for better growth.

5. Grape Ivy 

Popularly known as: Grape Leaf Ivy, Oak Leaf Ivy

It is most suited to use as an indoor plant because it’s dark leaves (that make it look like grapevine) cascade around like vines. It absorbs toxins and purifies the atmosphere of the house, all the while, making the indoors light up! 

Demands: Minimal watering, dry air and low lights, doesn’t care too much about temperatures

6. Peace Lily 

Popularly known as: White Sails, Spathe Flower

A blend of elements, the Peace Lily, has shiny and smooth leaves with white flowers (symbolizing peace) 

Bring them home and watch it soak in all the toxins! 

Demands: Minimal watering, plenty of shade

Get them home, see them grow with little effort from your end, and you'll have that very green dream come true! 

With plants indoor, proper cleaning is needed to maintain a clean and hygienic environment inside. To achieve that, have a look at Koparo's Natural Cleaning Range!