Eco-Friendly Christmas Crafts for your Kids

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It's December 2020. We've spent 9 months indoors, safe with our families. We have celebrated birthdays, festivals, weddings virtually… 

And the kids? They've adjusted to their lives indoors. E-learning, reading books and having us around for play and games. 

With Christmas holidays coming up, it's time for some craft that matches the magic, joy and excitement of the festivities but with a natural, organic twist! 

Here are 5 easy, eco-friendly & DIY crafts to do with your children to get them into the festive mood: 

1. Leaf Decorations

Source: The Craft Train 

Eco-friendly, no mess fun! Try out this activity with your kids and let their imagination run wild as they colour in the magic of Christmas on the leaves. 

What you need:

- A whole bunch of leaves – all shapes & sizes! 

- Paints

- String


  • Get your kids seated with their favourite paints in front of them 
  • Paint images of Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, a reindeer etc. 
  • Leave it out to dry 
  • Attach small pieces of rope to the leaves 
  • Tie them to a Christmas tree or even around the house as festive décor

2.  Christmas Tree Bookmarks 

Source: Easy Peasy & Fun

Stories full of magic are definitely on the list this Christmas, and if there’s one way to pick up where you left of, it’s bookmarks! 

Christmas Tree Corner Bookmarks - Origami for Kids - Easy Peasy and Fun

What you need: 

- Square sheets of paper (our take – use paper from old textbooks/workbooks) 

- Colours - Paints/Colour Pencils

- Scissors 


  • Cut up the paper up into square shapes and keep it ready 
  • Fold it into a triangle twice over 
  • Open it up to a big triangle, take the ends and fold inwards on both sides to make smaller triangles
  • Take the first layer from the top and fold it in
  • Open up the small triangles from both sides & fold over the second layer 
  • Tuck the sheets into the second layer and make a pocket
  • Help your child cut up small triangles on the side, making the branches of a tree
  • Decorate it with paint, making ornaments and a bark towards the end 
  • Natural & eco-friendly Christmas bookmarks are ready for your child's books

3. Paper snowflakes

Source: Real Simple

Can't see many sparkly snowflakes in India, so why not make them with your children instead? (With little to no waste)

What you need: 

- Old paper 

- Scissors 

- Pencil 


  • Fold up the paper and cut it into a square 
  • Fold the square diagonally to create a triangle and once more to make a smaller one
  • Fold it in once more, be careful of the folds along the edges
  • Design a shape of your (& your child’s) choice with a pencil
  • Cut out the snowflake pattern along the pencil marks 
  • Open up the snowflake with caution and there you have it, your own little snowflake! 

4. Popsicle Christmas Tree

Source: The Spruce Crafts

A small Christmas tree, to hang up as décor, around the house. Reuse ice cream sticks for this one! 

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Eco Friendly Christmas Crafts

What you need: 

- Ice cream sticks – 3 per Christmas tree

- Brown paper

- Glitter 

- Small pieces of rope 

- Glue/ Fevicol

- Scissors 

For décor: 

- Buttons, Sequins, Scrap Paper 

How to do it:

  • If the ice cream sticks aren’t coloured, paint it with a nice red/green colour
  • Take one stick and cut the round edges off
  • Add glue to the edges and stick the 3 together in the shape of a triangle 
  • Glue in your rope on the top
  • Cut out a star with glitter and stick on the very top
  • Get your children to go crazy with the décor – add glitter, sequins, small papers 
  • Use some scrap cardboard to make a tree trunk
  • Hang it out on your child’s study table

5.  Reindeer Headband 

Source: Simple Every Day Mom

Won’t these look super, super cute on your child? Get them to make these reindeer headbands for Christmas! 

Reindeer headband craft for christmas

What you need:  

- Brown paper 

- Scissors

- Glue stick

- Pencils/Colours


  • Draw a shape of the reindeer 
  • Attach the ears, red nose and eyes on the face
  • Glue the antlers between the ears
  • Take a long strip of the brown paper – Measure it according to your child’s head
  • Stick it behind the face of the reindeer on the bottom side 
  • Fix the ends together and make it a headband

If you do and your kids do get around to making any of these, share them with us on Instagram, or tag us @Koparoclean when you post images.

 Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!

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