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Dishwashing Liquid Toxic Full of Chemicals

Is your dishwashing liquid toxic?


When have you looked at the label of your dishwashing liquid? Read anything you understand? Complicated sounding chemical names, chances are you can’t even pronounce half of them.

Worse still, many dishwashing liquids do not even mention all their ingredients. 

We have seen all those advertisements that promise the cleaning power of 100 lemons, fragrances, and grease-fighting power - but none of them talk about the toxic ingredients.

Toxic Dishwashing Liquid Harmful For Use


6 chemicals you must watch out for


Hazardous to you as well as marine life. The concentration of phosphates depletes oxygen levels in the water and promotes algae growth, this threatens marine life. Consumption of phosphates via our dishes that may not have been rinsed adequately can cause long-term digestive issues, headaches, etc.


Also known as sodium dichloroisocyanurate, this chemical is extremely toxic to marine life and releases chlorine into the air when it’s being used to clean your dishes. This can cause breathing problems.


Ethanolamine compounds like DEA, MEA are used as emulsifying ingredients in soaps, shaving creams, lotions, cleaning agents, etc. These are toxic chemicals that are linked with hormone disruption, tumors, and many more health issues. 

    • DEA: Di-Ethanol Amine

    • MEA: Mono-Ethanol Amine

Harmful Ingredients In Toxic Dishwashing Liquid


Typically used as an antibacterial & anti-fungal ingredient, Triclosan was banned by the FDA in recent times, because it served to be no more effective than plain soap in fighting bacteria. Triclosan can bioaccumulate in our bodies (our bodies find it hard to get rid of this) and over time you can develop disorders ranging from hormone imbalance to antibiotic resistance.


Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. It will probably appear on a label with a name like methanol, methyl aldehyde, and methylene oxide. It’s added along with preservatives so that over time it is slowly released to avoid bacterial contamination. Here is one chemical you must cut out of your cleaners.

Synthetic Dyes

That brightly coloured bottle of dish wash gel, it’s not the juice of 100 lemons giving it that colour. Artificial colouring is filled with heavy metals and several toxins. Often we cannot ascertain whether any residue remains on our dishes. This is particularly true when we wash dishes by hand.

So if you’re convinced that your current dishwashing liquid just won’t work for you anymore. Consider Koparo’s Lime & Basil Dishwashing Liquid.

Our range of products is created with the most powerful plant-based ingredients to fight dirt, grime & germs.

With 100% commitment to give you a non-toxic experience, we have no nasties like phosphates, parabens, EDTA, triclosan, synthetic dyes, chlorine, ammonia, but instead biodegradable ingredients that are safe for you, your family, and the environment. 

Switch over to a non-toxic cleaning routine with our range of cleaners free of harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, and dangerous preservatives.