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How we created Koparo’s Dishwashing Liquid?

How we created Koparo’s Dishwashing Liquid?

Unending Pile of Dirty Dishes

How many of us feel the eventual dread coming on seeing the pile of dishes loading in our sink? We all are procrastinators when it comes to our dirty dishes, aren’t we? More than half of India’s population trusts their hands when it comes to washing dishes, even with dishwashing machines being the rage post-pandemic. This is because we don’t trust the cleaning quality of those machines. Mothers across the nation want their kids to be as safe as possible- even when it comes to kitchen utensils!

Koparo Clean started with a similar mission- making sure no mother worries about the products they are using for their family. We believe in ‘clean’ products. Simran Khara, the founder of Koparo made sure that the ingredients used on our cleaners are completely natural, safe for the environment, kids, and even pets. You can read more About Koparo’s Story here Koparo’s Dishwashing Liquid was one of our first products and our all-time bestsellers. (All thanks to you <3)

Where most Dishwashing Liquids fall short

A lot of Dishwashing liquids and soaps tend to struggle with the following:

Skin Damage due to Dishwashing

Most of us have sensitive skin. Dishwashing soaps are one of the biggest culprits of flaky, dry hands. This is because they contain certain cleaning agents that are not naturally sourced and end up removing moisture from the top layer of our skin, causing redness, bumps, and even in some cases, severe skin erosion. Read more about Dishwashing Liquids and how it might hamper your health.


Toxic Ingredients and Hard Surfactants

Most of the popular dishwashing products in the Indian market contain excessive chemicals and toxic substances. They justify them as cleaning agents, but half of them are as bad as pesticides. No one likes pesticides on their utensils now, do they? It’s important to always check the label, no matter what product it is. 

Wrong & Misleading Promises

Dishwashing Soaps and Liquids in the market might offer you the power of 100 lemons, but will bleach out the natural oils of your skin rather than actual grimes on your dishes! Read our blog to understand Why Bleach is Bad These advertising and marketing gimmicks are designed to green-wash. It’s important as conscious citizens to carefully analyze media messages and choose the products that are right for you and the environment.

Harmful Ingredients in your Dishwashing Cleaners: 

  • Phosphates
  • Tricolsan
  • Glycol Ethers
  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde

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How we created Koparo’s Dishwashing Liquid

A lot of thinking, research, and ideation went into our cleaners. Each of them was made with the mindset of a mom, a concerned parent, and the mindset of a sustainable individual. We are honest about what we put in our products. Click here to read what is in Koparo’s Cleaners. Here are some pointers we kept in mind while making Koparo’s Dishwashing Liquid:

Natural and Non-Toxic Ingredients 

Our eco-friendly, natural dishwashing liquid is sparkling clean goodness in a bottle. It is hypoallergenic, pH balanced and leaves no toxic residue on your utensils. We care about what you use in your humble abode so we use cleaning agents that are naturally derived.

Cleaning Agents that are tough on grimes 

It’s a myth that only chemicals can truly clean your homes and your utensils. Nature’s power is in abundance when you use the right ingredients. The cleaning agents we use are truly powered by nature and get to the grease and grimes on your dirty dishes, leaving squeaky clean utensils which are safe for you and your loved ones.

Refreshing Natural Aroma

If you have been a part of Koparo’s clan for a while, you must know that all of our cleaners smell divine! We use mild hypoallergenic fragrances that are certified to be safe by IFRA standards. The fresh fragrance of lime and basil in our Dishwashing Liquid is sure to make dishwashing your next favourite hobby!

Check out the Key Ingredients in Koparo’s Dishwashing Liquid:

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Our Natural Dishwashing Liquid for one avoids all harmful ingredients. Furthermore, runoffs from this dishwashing product aren’t harmful to the environment at all and are safe for marine life because it is biodegradable and derived from natural ingredients. The only surfactants that go into have been derived from coconut and sugarcane, so it ensures your safety and your child’s wellbeing. There is absolutely no worry of any chlorine, phosphates, EDTA, or synthetic dyes.

We can’t guarantee your sink will be clear but we can promise that your dishes will be safe for you and the earth! Here’s to a happy dishwashing routine (hopefully!)