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100% chemical free cleaning products

What is in Koparo’s non-toxic cleaning products?


At Koparo, we want to harness the power of nature's most powerful cleaners and combine it with the years of scientific research in the field of cleaning to give you an incredibly clean home that is also toxin-free. Our mission is 100% clean, 100% safe.

It has been scientifically proven that organic cleaners can get the job done just as well as chemical ones, and without any harmful side-effects. We’ve identified the chemicals that really do not need to be in our cleaners and swapped them for safer, naturally derived cleaning superpower ingredients. 

Here is a list of what we’re saying no to and what we’ve used in their place.

  • Petroleum-based cleaners: Most cleaning products are petroleum-based. They contain hydrocarbons that can wreak havoc in your homes. They are known to damage the lungs, and can also cause seizures, irregular heart rhythms or damage to the kidneys or liver. 

    Instead of these, we use lauryl glucoside and decyl glucoside, which are surfactants made from coconut and sugarcane. Why? Because they are biodegradable and one of the best foaming agents. Added bonus: they’re dermatologically friendly, i.e., they won’t cause skin irritations.
  • Formaldehyde and parabens: These ingredients have been labelled as potential endocrine and hormone disruptors, and compounds that release formaldehyde, a human carcinogen. 
  • VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds, a major component of synthetic cleaners end up causing headaches and migraines, apart from severe long term effects.

They contain toxins that can be

    • carcinogenic
    • cause itchy skin
    • eye irritation
    • rashes and allergies.
Our products have no added VOCs and are safe for pregnant women, pets and babies.
  • Triclosan: This common cleaning ingredient harms aquatic life, causes anti-microbial resistance over prolonged use and has been banned by the FDA in hand wash soaps in the US. 

    We’ve ensured our hand wash has 0% added triclosan.
  • Ammonia: A popular cleaning agent, ammonia can cause eye and nose irritation, and if ingested, it leads to more serious damage. Further, it pollutes our water and air. 

    That’s why Koparo products have 0% added ammonia. We use alcohol ethoxylates derived from coconut oil in our all-purpose cleaners as a great substitute for ammonia.
  • Phthalates: Certain chemicals within the phthalate group are known to be endocrine hormone disruptors and have been linked to digestive health problems.

    To avoid this exposure, we guarantee 0% added phthalates in our cleaners.
  • Synthetic dyes: The toxic chemicals used in synthetic dyes have various short- and long-term harmful effects, like skin allergies, cancer and damage to the nervous system.

    We don’t believe in going for bright colours at the risk of our customers’ safety. Our products do not have any synthetic colouring at all. 
  • EDTA: It is used as a water softener in detergents, can cause serious reproductive defects in humans. 

    To make sure our products are safe for you and your family, our cleaners have 0% added EDTA.

Basically, based on requirements of specific cleaners, we have used other superpower cleansing agents which are naturally derived. To know just how seriously we take our mission, you can always reach out to us to know more or check out our product label.