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Your guide to sustainable gifting this festive season!

Your guide to sustainable gifting this festive season!

Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

With the festive season just around the corner, it’s time to bring some celebration cheer! From Ganesh Chaturthi puja to Jingle Bell Rock on Christmas, the second half of this year is filled with some much-needed festival excitement. And the joy of giving: much more exciting! Who doesn’t like to see the sparkle in your loved one’s eyes when they open the present they wanted for so long?

Sustainable Gifting

Just around the festive season, plastic and non-recyclable waste increase up to 25% percent. It’s time we realize the importance of sustainability- even during the time of celebrations! Let’s do our part in reducing plastic usage and buy presents that are gentle on the environment! Non-recyclable gifting is so last year! We have some great ideas for the upcoming festive season. Get some inspiration from here and start your shopping well in advance!

Non-wrappable gifts

Who says gifts have to be physical and wrapped up in a pretty bow? Opt out ofKopraan Storea traditional notions of presents. Gift cards, charity donations, experiential workshops, Netflix subscriptions- these are some great ideas for gifts that don’t need a gift wrap but sure are received happily! We are living in a digital world and who amongst us hasn’t thought of year-long, ad-free access to Spotify Premium? Gift Cards are also a great option to explore: they buy what they want with their choice. Such gifts are a great idea and have little or no waste produced. Great for the environment, great for the receiver ;)

Indoor Plants for Home

Indoor plants not only look great but keep the air around the house clean and give a relaxing vibe around the house. Small plants are perfect for a busy bee, they do not require much effort but still, add that boho vibe to your place. Here are some plants that are great for gifting:

  • Snake Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jade Plant
  • Money Plant
  • Moon Cactus

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Animal-friendly plants for pet mamas:

  • Orchids
  • Sweet Basil
  • Earth Star Plant
  • Dracaena Golden Milky Plant
  • Bird’s Nest Fern

You can even gift them in a DIY planter box- which adds gravitas to the gift! For the pot, source it locally- explore your local artisan market, check out their designs. Shopping local is a great option- it increases the value of handmade products made by local artists and stops you from buying from the big corporations that might give you cheaper options at the expense of mass-producing with harmful materials.

Shop from Small Businesses

Shopping small is a great idea to start your sustainable journey. Small businesses have started adopting a more eco-friendly approach for their products and it’s always great to support them anyhow. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been hard for them to keep afloat and it is up to us to support them during these times when they genuinely need us! Check out small online stores, handcrafting Instagram stores, or even your local market for some great gifts ideas that will be of great quality! Here are some ideas to explore:

  • Handmade ornaments to keep around the house
  • Fresh produce from local markets
  • Eco-friendly bags and baskets from women-owned businesses
  • Cruelty-free clothing from small businesses

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Organic and Natural Products

What’s a more sustainable option than gifting products that are not only chemical-free but also completely derived from plant-based ingredients? If you are looking for some all-natural cleaners to give your loved ones, it’s time to check out Koparo’s Cleaning Range! We are a homegrown brand that shifted from traditional, chemical-laden cleaning products to bring nature’s power into our cleaning habits. Here are some of the gifting options you can check out: 

Koparo’s Tips for Gift-Wrapping

  • Opt for an e-card instead of those big handmade cards. Canva has some great ready-to-use templates for you
  • Instead of wrapping paper, go for wrapping with old newspapers and pre-used handmade charts. They add a certain rustic element to your gift-wrapping skills!
  • No plastic bags here! Switch to jute bags and thread bows for your thoughtful gifts
  • Upcycle those old T-shirts and make small bags out of them or you can even wrap your gifts in your old printed clothes
  • It’s the fall season- the perfect time to add fallen leaves and flowers and wrapping decorations.

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Now that you have some ideas, get to work! If you are interested in gifting some all-natural cleaners to your loved ones (as you should), here is Koparo’s Cleaning Range: