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Kopraan to Koparo

Kopraan to Koparo


Kopraan was born in the middle of the pandemic. You, the customer who had upgraded to organic food, clean beauty, and sustainable fashion were still forced to use cleaning products filled with toxic ingredients. 

We found the gap and started work on it but none of us could have imagined the extent to which we would need to keep our home clean and safe. Our mission became to keep our homes clean and safe not just from Covid-19 but also from exposure to toxic chemicals due to increased usage of cleaning products. Hence was born “Kopraan”, using natural plant-derived ingredients. We chose this name to pay homage to a hero ingredient - coconut or “kopra” based surfactants. 

Koparo Cleaners Organic Toxin Free Products


Starting up is hard in the best of times, during the lockdown it was even harder as we had to navigate factory shutdowns, stock outs of packaging & key raw materials, and even basic tasks such as opening bank accounts were stuck. What gave us energy through this is your consistent support and feedback. In the last three months since we overcame these issues, a few thousand of you have tried our products, almost a quarter of you have repeated their orders and 8000 of you have joined our social communities. We are immensely grateful for your love. 

While 2020 was hard, we got off to a rocky 2021 as well. On the morning of Jan 1, we were greeted by a legal notice from a pharma company with a similar sounding company name who accused us of violating their trademark and pretending to be from their stable. We had a registered trademark and were completely unaware of this company. On learning more about them, we realized that we did not want to be associated with this company even by chance and pro-actively offered to change our name to “Koparo” instead, still paying homage to “Kopra” minus this complication.

The Hon’ble Bombay High Court have asked us to make the change at short notice. Having decided to make the change, it anyway made sense to use to invest our marketing and community efforts in the new name. Hence the shift from Kopraan to Koparo. Same 5-star product, same plant-based goodness, and the same cleaning superpowers.

Our new website is koparoclean.com and our handles are @koparo.clean on Instagram and @koparo clean on Facebook.

Koparo Natural Non Toxic Cleaners For Your House Kid Friendly Pet Friendly

We ask you to continue giving us the same love and faith that you did to Kopraan. There are some really exciting things planned for the quarter for Koparo. We will be launching five new products, refills & an enhanced subscription experience.

We have a fair distance to go and with your support, these bumps will soon be just a great origin story. Upward and Onward!