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How to get squeaky white sneakers?

How to get squeaky white sneakers?

How to clean your white shoes?

A pair of white sneakers is the perfect add-on to an outfit for both men and women. They are a staple wardrobe addition this fall season- as they add a very plush, effortless look to your outfit! You can rock these kicks with cute dresses, leggings, jeans, gym wear, and workwear! I am sure much of your Pinterest and Instagram would be filled with squeaky white sneakers that have no dirt on them! In reality, this seems like an impossible task. Well, not really. 

Today on The Clean Slate we dug up some tips and tricks to keep your sneakers super clean and how to retain the colour on your white sneakers! Sneakerheads, let’s commence!

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Yellowing White Sneakers 

If you are the proud owner of white sneakers, you would know that after a couple of wears, you will start seeing your sneakers turn pale yellowish gradually. They look so fresh and spotless in the first wear or two but lose their whiteness and start to look dirty once they hit the pavement, gravel, or grass. White sneakers demand maintenance- they usually need to be rinsed and wiped as soon as you come home from a busy day! (Just like us :P) You can also invest in a white polish that will keep them looking fresh as new!

How to clean your sneakers like a pro

There are a lot of ways that you can get squeaky white, shining sneakers. We will provide you with some of the best options:

Buy that Spray-on protector

Sneakers are expensive. After you’ve purchased good quality sneakers, it’s hard to pay up extra on a spray protector. However, it’s an investment that will last you long. You will only need to apply it once in 2-3 weeks, and they will prevent your shoes from having any major damage. So next time you go shoe shopping or order online, buy the spray-on-stain-and-water repellent. The spray is made to protect shoes from dirt and stains, so you don’t have to worry too much about walking on grass.

Clean your shoes the natural way

You will need some common household items for this- Dish Soap (check out Koparo’s Dishwashing Liquid if you wanna go truly natural), Baking Soda, an old Toothbrush, gentle wipes and White Vinegar. Mix all of them and make a paste. Start scrubbing your sneakers with this mixture. Do this for 15-20 minutes and then wipe them off. 

Cleaning White Soles

To deal with scuff marks and any streaks of dirt or mud on white soles, swipe them with white shoe polish. And for any specks of dirt and splotches that just won’t go away, try white nail polish as a little beauty touch-up. (Everyone looks good in makeup)

How to store your sneakers? 

Johnny Fajardo, sneaker whiz over at innovative shoe-care company Sneaker LAB recommends you to store your sneakers in a place that collates the least amount of dust. “Over time, shoe materials—especially knit, suede, and mesh—collect these dust particles, which eventually affect the overall look of your sneakers.”

Use Nail Polish Remover

Over time, your shoes will fall victim to some scratch marks here and there. Nail Polish remover is the best way to get rid of them. The acetone ensures that the scratches are not visible and removes the microscopic dirt around them. 

Cleaning your white laces 

If your sneakers are shining white but laces are super dirty- that’s not a good look. It’s important to soak the laces in warm water. You can also add some of Koparo’s Laundry Liquid and that will do the job perfectly!

Throw your sneakers in the machine?

You can clean your cloth sneakers in the machine! Everyone loves a pair of Chuck Taylors and Vans. They are perfectly safe to put in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. A cup of Koparo’s Laundry Liquid and a 30-minute wash- you’re good to go!

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Condition your shoes

That’s right! Your shoes also might need conditioning; just like your hair. If you own leather sneakers, it is important to reintroduce moisture in them after a deep cleaning. If you also need your shoes to be smelling good (and not smelling like shoes), check out our Fabric Conditioner!

If these tips and tricks helped you or worked for you, keep tuning in to The Clean Slate to get some more awesome hacks! If you’re looking to purchase our Laundry Range, have a look: