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Floor Cleaning Tips for every type of Flooring

Floor Cleaning Tips for every type of Flooring

How to clean your floors

Floors are similar to us in a way- they come in all shapes and sizes! Every flooring is different and we often choose them according to our house needs. We often spend some generous hours cleaning and scrubbing our floors to keep them squeaky clean, often forgetting that different types of flooring require different caring and cleaning methods. 

Today, on The Clean Slate, let’s understand how to take care of our floor according to their specific type. 

Floor Cleaning Tips

Here’s a harsh truth we need to grasp: no matter how hard we scrub our floors, keep them sparkling clean, they are found to accumulate dust the very next day. This is because we stick to the traditional methods of cleaning irrespective of the type of flooring we have in our home. Let’s take a look at a few types of flooring and the best way to keep them clean.

hardwood floor, wooden flooring, wooden panels

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are an all-time classic. They are versatile, bringing either a rusty or modern touch to your home. This is why they are one of the most popular ones on the list! Here is how you can maintain them:

  • While choosing home cleaning products for your hardwood floors, make sure if they are compatible with wooden surfaces
  • Do not opt for a water-based floor cleaner as it affects the longevity of the wooden paneling. Also, do not use water for cleaning your wooden floors at all!
  • Postponing minor repair tasks is one of the biggest mistakes in terms of hardwood floor care and maintenance. It is advisable to fix them immediately.
  • Invest in a good vacuum cleaner to carefully remove the dust between the paneling and keep them clean. 

Marble Floor

Marble floors are very beautiful, especially when they are squeaky clean. This is because the marble flooring is reflective in nature. Now, they are also super tricky to work with. Marble can scratch very easily and over time all the scratches are extremely visible in natural light, which is not a good look. Here’s how you can maintain your marble flooring:

  • To avoid the scratching and dulling of marble’s shine, avoid acidic cleaners like vinegar. 
  • Use a soft, natural, and chemical-free dust mop to clean marble floors.
  • Once you’ve mopped, dry the floor using a soft, microfiber towel to avoid the marble absorbing moisture.
  • Use marble floor cleaner liquid or floor cleaners that specifically tackle marble flooring. Koparo’s Jasmine & Rose Floor Cleaner can be a great choice!

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are the most durable flooring material you can find. However, it is a huge task to clean them! One wet mop and they look absolutely clean. However, it actually just takes more than one mop, or your tiles can change color, with the eventual accumulation of dust and grime. Here is how you can ensure your tiles are always shining:

  • Swipe your tiles to get rid of any surface dust 
  • Mix equal-parts mixture of hot water and vinegar to clean the difficult tiles
  • For stains that are hard to get rid of, use the water-vinegar solution of your floor cleaning liquid and scrub with an old toothbrush.
  • Use Koparo’s Lime and Lemongrass Floor Cleaner to mop after deep cleaning the tiles

ceramic, ceramic tiles, ceramic flooring


Granite is a naturally occurring stone, which can completely change the look and feel of your home. It gives a very earthy and minimalistic appearance and often leaves a glossy shine. Despite your best intentions, granite can be damaged by many cleaning products and techniques that would be safe on other flooring materials. Here are some tips if you have granite flooring:

  • Using vinegar, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide to clean stains will dull granite and weaken the sealant over time.
  • Stay far away from steel wool and scrubbing pads as they can easily scratch the granite. Repairing granite flooring is one of the most expensive jobs out there. 
  • Clear all the debris and dust using a vacuum cleaner, bristle broom, or dry mop. 
  • Use a gentle and natural Floor Cleaner and only take a minuscule amount on your granite.
  • Mop the floor again with a damp cloth and then go again with a soft dry towel to ensure the granite does not retain the moisture. 


True linoleum is made from linseed oil, resin, limestone, wood fiber, and cork dust, and colored with mineral pigments. Here’s how you can maintain yours:

  • The first step is to vacuum, sweep, or use a dry microfiber mop to pick up any dirt, hair, and dust.
  • Since linoleum is an easy surface to clean, you can clean your floors every other day too!
  • This type of flooring does require the occasional deep cleaning every 1-2 weeks
  • Mix 6-7 drops of a mild detergent with warm or hot water. Mop the floor with it
  • Once you’ve mopped, swap out the cleaning solution for cool water, rinse the mop, and go over the floors again with just water to remove any soapy residue.
  • Make sure to not let water stand on the linoleum floor as that can cause damage to it.
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Carpet Flooring

Whether carpets count as a type of flooring or not, they sure do look great in a house. Carpets add an elongated look to your house, making it look bigger and warmer. We know that carpets are extremely absorbable, therefore they require extra care:

  • It is a good idea to invest in a vacuum cleaner if you have carpeting all over the surface of your house
  • Use natural stain removers to get rid of any tough stains. You can also spot-treat the stain with some baking soda and mild detergent. 
  • Not only can a buildup of grime break down your carpet fibers, but it can also harbor pollutants that may make you sick. Therefore, switch your vacuum cleaner to steam setting and deep cleaning at least once a week.
  • For delicate rugs, such as the flatweave rugs, vacuum in small sections using a floor head with little to no agitation.
  • Use Koparo’s All-Purpose Cleaner to get rid of any remaining dust and smells that have settled on your carpet.

It is always good to know more about the type of flooring you’re going to get for your house, especially from the supplier. Understand the nature and occurrence of the type of flooring you are getting and how to maintain its shine. Hope this article gave your an insight on how to clean your floor, the right way. If you are looking for natural and plant-based cleaners for your home, check out our Household Range: