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Cleaning Resolutions you need to stick to in 2022

Cleaning Resolutions you need to stick to in 2022

New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year where we’re stuck in our heads, thinking of the perfect ways to start our new year. Resolutions play a big part, a pact we usually make with ourselves that we promise to stick to for the rest of the year. The funny part is, most of us forget our resolutions as soon as January ends!  With resolutions, it’s always a great idea to keep them broad. Start with a small resolution and work your way up for the rest of the year. This is the only way you can stick with resolutions by the end of the year! At least, here’s to hoping!

Cleaning resolutions are not unheard of and many of us keep high expectations from ourselves. This year, let’s focus on those short term goals and keep cleaning resolutions that we can actually sustain for the whole year!

Cleaning Resolutions you can keep

They do not have to be exceptionally hard or mind blowing. Remember, it’s you against you. Resolutions require perseverance and that only comes from within. Here are some ideas you can begin with:

Clean your Cleaning Tools!

Oftentimes, we clean our house regularly but we see no changes. This is because the tools that we used to clean, in particular our cloth, wipers, vacuum cleaners, sponges are so dirty that we see no cleaning actually happening. A resolution to deep clean your cleaning tools every 1-3 months (depending on the cleaning tool) is a great idea for a lazy weekend! If you want to know how to clean your tools check out this blog on The Clean Slate. 

Cleaning, clean mirror, cleaning cloth

One in, one out (Declutter your space)

Some of us (me, for example) have a habit of excessive buying. We end up buying stuff during sales, stuff we might not actually need and they end up taking up space in our already  crowded homes. Minimalism is something we need to pay more attention to in 2022. Let’s try to declutter our homes at least every 4 months and accumulate only the things that we need and use regularly. The rest of the stuff can be donated to the ones in need or upcycled into something we actually require.

Pro-tip to stick to your Resolutions

Less than 8% of the people stick to their New Year Resolutions. Here’s how you can stick to yours: 

  • Make your resolution goal-specific. 
  • Make a yearly calendar with your resolutions and keep a checkpoint during once a month to check where you are at in achieving that goal.
to do list, new year resolutions, new year 2022, cleaning resolutions

Make a To-do List every Sunday!

To-do lists definitely are one of my favourite ways of getting my work done efficiently. Spend at least 30 minutes every Sunday to look around your house, and make a short list that includes what you need to do for the rest of the week to keep your house squeaky clean. Rome wasn’t built in a day so do not obsess over completing your house chores in a single day. Slow your pace and take an entire week and stay consistent. 

Give a home to every new item

This is very important. When you buy a new item, it is always a good idea to make a designated area for it. No, by that it does not mean your storage area or the one chair where you dump all your extra stuff. If you are buying a new dress, make sure you have a specific place in your wardrobe where you can keep it. According to Makespace, it’s easy to let new purchases wallow in your entryway, on your bathroom counter, or in front of your closet, but this creates tons of totally unnecessary clutter. Let’s stay away from that this year!

declutter, minimalism

Use cleaner products for your home!

Cleaning resolutions will be incomplete without the mention of natural and eco-friendly products for your home! There should be no hesitation to use products that are not just good for you but also for the environment. Make sure to check the back label of the cleaning products you’re using in your home. Let’s say a big no no to harsh chemicals and substances in 2022!

If you’re looking for cleaners for your home that are safe for the environment and made from the goodness of nature, check out our range: