20 Surprising Germ Hotspots Around You and How to Spot Them

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Cleaning your home

Cleanliness is all in focus and we’re sure you have an ace routine. Are you cleaning the germiest places in your homes?

Pleased as you may be by religiously washing your hands with soap, for twenty seconds at that, you are still exposed to all those infections. Why? Because there are so many surfaces around us that are safe havens for germs. Daily dusting, sweeping and mopping of floors and other visible surfaces is necessary for hygiene. But what about those hidden spots which fly under our radar? Are you cleaning the dirtiest places in your homes?

Germ Hotspots to clean in your home

To make your life easier here is a list of the germiest places in your home. These are not the obvious suspects like bathroom floors and handles. Trust me you did not see this coming.

Clean your Personal Accessories

These are things we touch every day. We carry them on us wherever we go and also keep them on various unclean surfaces when outside. And we almost never think to clean them. These include:

  • Cash
  • Cell phones
  •  Keys
  •  Watches
  •  Credit cards
  •  Glasses
  •  Make-up bags
  •  Wallets and purses

Clean your Appliances

These household appliances are also not cleaned regularly enough. Fridge handles, in particular, collect a lot of germs, and other are:

  • Fridge handle
  •  Microwave
  •  Washing machine

Safety Measures to Keep in Mind

  • Turn off main switch
  • Use plastic gloves if necessary
  • Put on rubber slippers while cleaning
  • Make sure not to use wet hands

Kitchen Cleaning

Routinely clean household appliance to keep them germ free

You would think that the kitchen is a safe zone because you take every care to ensure your food comes from a clean place. However, the kitchen manages to collect even more germs than other places. Food particles washed off from dishes can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria like E. coli and salmonella, which can get on your hands and eventually on the food you eat. According to some studies, your toilet bowl might just be cleaner than your kitchen sink! Some germ magnets in the kitchen are:

  • Soap dishes and sponges
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Jars and bottles for staples and spices
  • Kitchen towels

Clean your Home Office and Living Areas

Again, gadgets that contribute to office work and entertainment purposes are under constant use but neglected for cleaning. These could be:

  •  Laptop keyboard
  •  Remote controls for televisions and air conditioners
  •  Gaming controllers
  •  Carpets and rugs – carpets are believed to hold eight times their weight in dust and dirt
  •  Light switches

Natural Cleaning of your pet's belongings

Clean your pet’s accessoriesto keep germs out

Remember to regularly clean your pets and their belongings as well. Especially their collars, bowls and clean their paws when they return from outside, if possible as they could be carrying back germs.

Now that you know where germs like to lurk, you can catch them unawares and start to make your home germ free! And of course, continue to wash your hands before touching any household objects after you have been out in public or come into contact with someone who has.

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