Our Story


Wash your hands. Cover your mouth. Sanitize everything. Repeat.

This is life as we know it ever since the COVID 19 outbreak. As a mother to a four-year-old girl who is constantly touching every surface, crawling into spaces which haven’t been cleaned for a while, sneakily eating a piece of chocolate from the floor, I asked myself a question: how clean is my house, really?

What happens when the cleaners you trust to detoxify your home are full of those very things ... toxins?

It is a terrifying thought, and unfortunately, true. Research* shows that toxic chemicals in conventional household cleaners cause several health issues ranging from acute (immediate) hazards such as skin or respiratory issues, chemical burns or watery eyes to chronic (long term) hazards such as cancer, fertility issues, ADHD, compromised immune system and more.

Our formulations have been designed to give you an incredibly powerful clean while also being incredibly safe. We have benchmarked the effectiveness of our products with all leading brands and our products work better while avoiding the harsh chemicals used by those brands.

Join us on our journey to redefine clean and become part of the Koparo family.


Simran Khara
Founder, Koparo


*Household Chemical Products and Their Health Risk
*Cleaning Supplies and Your Health