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What are fabric conditioners and why you need to use them


Your clothes live the same day as you, but regardless of how much you work, they constantly bear the brunt of your sweat, dirt, pieces of your lunch, and well, friction! They’re bound to lose their sheen as they age.

Why fabric conditioners?

There is a human and environmental aspect to our clothes losing its former glory. Not only do environmental factors, such as climatic conditions, play a huge role but also you yourself can prove to be bad for your clothes. Your sweat can be corrosive to your clothes, especially when it comes in contact with bacteria from the outside world, and suddenly it’s as good as bleach. Your laundry detergents can easily deal with this problem but it might not necessarily leave it as soft. 

If you live in a cold climate, chances are your clothes will shrink quicker. If you live in a very hot climate, there will be a lot of washing and drying, leading to clothes fading out and wearing away at a faster rate. So mere detergent might not be able to handle it all.

A good wash aided by your washing machine is necessary but this is the place your fabrics meet a lot of resistance. Additionally, UV rays from the sun can instantly fade the bright colours of your favourite shirt. And let’s face it, how many of us really follow the laundry instructions and separate our fabrics? 

detergent bar

Besides, too much detergent is detrimental to your clothes and your washing machine alike. The excess gets washed away, in any case, and leaves its mark on your fabrics. You will start noticing a chalky residue on your clothes and they end up feeling sticky and uncomfortable to wear. As for your washer, it leads to excessive soap scum and an organic build-up known as a biofilm on the inner surface of your washing machine. Did you know warm water in itself can serve as a pretty good cleaner on its own, and some loads might not even require detergents! 

So you see there are many things that can potentially affect your clothes, but never fear, this is where a fabric conditioner can come in to save the day. 

Fabric Conditioners were made to add life to your clothes, and make them last longer. Just like a post shampoo conditioning softens the hair, removes knots which helps in reducing friction and leaves hair damage-free, fabric conditioner works on similar principles. They make clothes durable. All that spinning and tumbling around in a machine can cause the fibers in certain materials such as say wool or cotton, to tangle. This increases the chance of wear and tear. Your garments look battered and as though they’ve aged 50 years in a matter of weeks. Think of your Fabric Conditioner as an anti ageing cream for your clothes. Our Koparo Natural Fabric Conditioner will also yield similar results.

Fabric Conditioners help reach individual fabrics and bring out the natural elasticity of the clothes. This in turn helps it retain its shape, so you don’t have to face the ghastly surprise of finding your t-shirt magically becoming a crop top the next day. It stops any shrinkage. Because of the conditioning of the cloth fibres, your ironing headaches might be eased because fabric conditioners are meant to make this job more efficient. Clothes become easier to straighten out and it’ll feel like your fabric is complying with you.


And where do we begin on colours? If it’s dark blue you love, then Conditioners ensure it stays that way, and not a washed-off sky blue in any case. They help in protecting your favourite colours. 

Remember those cardigans with that one tag that wouldn’t quit poking you in the back? That, but all over your skin. Pretty bothersome right? Clothes tend to get very dry and abrasive as we wear them over time.

Due to its softening properties, Fabric conditioners can be very helpful for people with sensitive skin. Some fabrics can be very rough which can trigger rashes or itches, and overall, can be very uncomfortable to wear. 

So, take this as a sign to add fabric conditioner to your laundry routine. Trust us, your closet will be grateful for it!