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Room by Room Diwali cleaning

Room by Room Diwali cleaning

Get your Home ready for the festivities

They say "Cleanliness is next to Godliness," so that now Diwali is here, it is the perfect time to clean and declutter!

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We expect that many of you have already planned your yearly "Diwali cleaning" routine as the festive season gets closer. Diwali is a great time to take stock of your material belongings and plan the annual de-clutter. Feeling overwhelmed? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with our list of the things-to-do room by room.

So let’s dive in so your clean homes are ready to welcome goddess Lakshmi!

Cleaning The Floor

There is just one cleaning job left after tidying, dusting, and vacuuming: cleaning the floor. But, not all floors should be cleaned in the same way, and using the wrong methods and products could end up being more harmful than good. Use a safe and effective floor disinfectant to thoroughly clean the flooring. For deep cleaning, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. Still, see pesky stains? Sprinkle some baking soda, leave for 1 hour, and mop as usual.
Get floored with Koparo’s plant-based floor disinfectant that leaves behind floors that are clean and chemical-free and it's also specially formulated to be safe for those with sensitive skin, babies, children, and pets. Bonus, it can be used on a variety of surfaces like ceramic, marble, granite, mosaic, etc.

If your rooms have delicate wooden floors. In that case, you can use Koparo's furniture and wood cleaner. A floor protection film is also advised to prevent your flooring from scratches while you move heavy objects around while preparing for Diwali.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Despite how much you hate cleaning the bathroom, it has a massive impact on your overall hygiene and upkeep of the house. You'll be welcoming guests to your home throughout the festival season, but what if someone uses your bathroom and finds it dirty? Do you want that to happen? No, you might need to buy bathroom cleaning products like Koparo's Tap and Shower Cleaner to get rid of persistent stains or streaks on the tap, tiles, sink, and other surfaces.

And don’t forget to add Koparo’s air freshener to your bathroom shelf. A couple of spritzes and your bathroom will smell amazing!

Cleaning the Kitchen

Making sweets, snacks, and all the delicious festival cuisine takes place in your kitchen at home. First, rearrange the shelves in your kitchen, making sure that everything is in the appropriate place. With the rearrangement done, start by cleaning up stains from various kitchen areas. 


For cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets use vinegar, because it is a natural cleanser that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. 

Use a mixture of 2 cups warm water, 1 tablespoon baking powder, and 1 cup vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle. Spray the cabinets with this solution, let them sit for two minutes, and then wipe them down with a sponge.

Clean the tile grout

To clean the tiles, baking soda works! Apply it to the grout with a thick paste made of baking soda and a little water. Vinegar must be sprayed on the area. After a few minutes, clean and scrub with a toothbrush.

Disinfect the floor

Spills of dirt and food leftovers can spread the bacteria on the floor. Regular floor cleaning and disinfection are required. The floors should be cleaned and kept shiny using a solution of 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup hot water, and lemon juice. This combination is a natural disinfectant due to the acidic properties of lemon and vinegar.

Maintain the kitchen sinks

Grease and grime don't belong in your kitchen sink.

Baking soda can be used to clean the sink because it dissolves grease and grime. Pour 1/4 cup lemon juice and 1 teaspoon baking soda over the sink surface, and let the mixture sit for 10 minutes. Use hot water to rinse it. Do this once a week at least.

Cleaning the appliances

Bring out the materials from the fridge and give it a deep clean with warm water and a soapy solution. Ensure it is unplugged before doing any cleaning. Clean out your mixie ?, toaster? microwave?

Cleaning Mixie : Mix some water and liquid detergent well. Pour it into the jar and let it run for a few seconds. Next, give it a thorough water wash.

Cleaning toaster A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can work wonders for cleaning your mixer grinders. The mixture should be of the consistency of a paste. Apply this paste to the grinder and keep it for 10 minutes. After the stipulated time is over, wash it well with clean and clear water. 

MicrowaveMix two tablespoons of vinegar with two cups of water. Microwave the mixture on high for just over a minute. Wait at least 10 minutes before opening the microwave door. Remove the glass plate and turntable from your microwave and wipe them down using a cleaning rag. Wipe down the microwave’s interior including the sides, door, top, and bottom using a cloth. Wipe the exteriors using Koparo All Purpose Cleaner.

Taps And Sink

Who wouldn't like having sparkling, spotless sinks in the kitchen and bathroom? Nothing feels better than a kitchen sink that looks brand new and gives you the impression as though you just moved in. However, with natural wear and tear, it will become dull and possibly develop scratches, losing its pristine condition. To remove the light dirt, use warm water and liquid dishwashing liquid and scrub your sink and tap with a microfibre cloth. Use baking soda and a toothbrush to scrub the dirty areas that are difficult to reach. If you are looking for a chemical-free and non-toxic cleaning product. Checkout Koparo’s kitchen cleaning range.

Koparo offers the widest choice of everyday household cleaning products for your Diwali cleaning at the most affordable prices available. Could you please look around our website today?

Scrub and Wipe Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

Have you ever inspected your kitchen and bathroom tiles more closely and seen anything dark forming in the gaps between them? That's called grout. Although you might be used to the colour of the tiles, it shouldn't be that way! They should seem as they did when the installer put them in. You should take into account the overall quality of the tiles in addition to the grout lines. If you bought a shiny tile, it ought to stay shiny throughout the year.

You can use a water and vinegar mixture to deep clean the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom by spraying the growth lines with the solution and scrubbing them with a stiff brush. An old toothbrush can be used to clean floors in areas that are difficult to reach.

Koparo Tap and Shower Cleaner is a high-quality cleaner that works by dissolving limescale, mineral deposits, and soap scum & removes hard-water stains. It safely removes oxidation and does not scratch or corrode the taps, faucets, fixtures, bathtubs, shower glasses.

Koparo’s All-purpose cleaner is a multitasking cleaner and eco-friendly, non-toxic and chemical-free cleaning spray is incredibly powerful on dust, grime & stains.

Curtains & Covers

After finishing with home appliances, focus on washing clothes, such as curtains, bed sheets, pillows, and sofa covers. Koparo’s Laundry liquid helps remove dirt, germs & stains, and cares for your washing machine & your clothes, curtains, and sheets. Also, it can be used in top-loading & front-loading machines or for hand washing. Infused with nature's antibacterial agents that help in killing the microbes, germs & bacteria which emerge from food spills, sweat, or dirt.

Wall cleaning

Wall cleaning can be a difficult process, especially if your walls are painted with paint that is difficult to clean. And all walls eventually become dirty, especially if kids or pets are in the home. Use Koparo’s magic eraser, lightly wet to clean the walls.

Cleaning Windows and Doors

There is a chance that you can forget the doors and windows when you are busy cleaning every room of your house for Diwali. The importance of cleaning the window panes cannot be overstated. The pleasant energy in your home could be diminished by dirty glass panes. On the other hand, glass that is clear and spotless reflects a positive environment.

Koparo’s all-purpose cleaner is powerful for all corners of your house - windows, bathroom, surfaces, etc. Made with plant-based ingredients, it makes your surroundings safer and toxin-free!

The final touch

Bring out your Diwali decorations after you have thoroughly cleaned your home. Decorating for Diwali is done in the hope that dazzling lights will dispel the gloom and bring you happiness and wealth. Using earthen diyas, decorate the house's corners and hang lights and lanterns from the doors and windows. Make a flower rangoli!

Make the house smell good with Koparo's natural air freshener, which is particularly safe for families with kids and pets and free of CFCs and propellants.