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How to keep your house clean with pets

How to keep your house clean with pets?


You wake up in the morning, and you hear the sound of your dog’s feet lightly hitting the floor as he runs around. It’s very comforting, don’t you agree? Or, even when he curls up at your feet while you’re reading a book, or when he has no regard for private space and cuddles with you on the bed, or when he simply knows you’re having a bad day and boops you. These little actions, make you feel happy and complete - all thanks to their very presence at home.  

Playful Dog Boops Keep them safe and healthy


So, on days when I’m not gushing about every single thing my dog does - yes I take countless photos/videos, and I am sure to have done all social media trends possible - I am worried about the chemicals he is exposed to at home, the food he’s eating and all the germs he carries around. 

Yes, I’m also talking about the dirty wet smell, the footprints on my sofa,  the fur he sheds, urine stains - the list is endless. The minute I finish cleaning, I find myself having to do more, and that is what brought me to the subject of our blog - How can you keep the house clean with your pets around? How do you also take care of them while doing so? 

In doing my research, checking out multiple videos, and talking to many people, I have come up with a list of solutions: 

Your Pets' Hair 

Furry pets like dogs, cats shed hair every day, making cleaning the house again and again frustrating.

Fluffy Hairy Cat Need To Be Groomed


You can consider the following: 

  1. Vacuum Cleaner - Our regular broom or jhadu can’t do the job of picking up each strand left around the house, so, using a powerful vacuum cleaner, that reaches all areas can help make the job easier and efficient.   
  2. Grooming - Our furry friends need to be groomed well, often; including their hair and nails. The hair should be shaved or trimmed to maintain a healthy coat; keeping the nails clean will allow them to carry less dirt, and you will have fewer scratched surfaces.

  3. Pet Cleaning products - Using a lint roller is a must, so that you can clean pillows, furniture, and everywhere he leaves a trace

Your Pets Hygiene 

We walk our pets often, and their paws get caked with dirt and mud, and it is all brought into the house. Similarly, in the early days of training them, they leave urine stains that are stubborn and difficult to clean. Consider the following: 

  1. Clean Paws - Keep a washable rug at the door, for your dog when he enters the house. In addition to that, make it a point to wash your pets’ feet after they’ve been out for a walk; maybe even get a paw washer that has soft bristles to clean their paws thoroughly. 

  2. Weekly Checks - When you are washing your pets, ensure you keep a lookout for fleas. Use flea preventions, switch the flea collars, and do all that is necessary to prevent a flea infestation. 

  3. Food Plates - Our pets have a habit of making a mess when they eat, put a bigger plate under their trays, so it gets easier to clean up later. 

  4. Clean Bedding - Much like our need to use fresh sheets on a biweekly basis, our pets designated spot in the house should get a thorough wash. Dirty cages breed harmful bacteria, and hence, their discomfort. Using white vinegar with water can help eliminate build-ups of urine in the cage/litter box. 

Your Pets Safety

We’re quick to worry when our pet is not eating right or isn’t jumping around us; so we keep a close eye on everything he consumes. 

Dog On Dirty Floor Needs To Be Cleaned With Organic Cleaners

Except, do we? Did you know that the cleaners you use at home contain high toxins, creating a dangerous environment for your pets? The cleaner used for his food tray, the floor he rolls around on, etc. These cleaners could lead to rashes, increased trouble in breathing because of the very strong scent they carry, and possible sickness in your pets. 

By the way, do you know?

  • Dogs actually do sweat, but only through the pads in their paws.
  • Cats spend 15-20% of their time grooming.

Switch over to toxin-free, natural formulations that will keep your furry best friends at ease. Before you use DIY cleaning products, run it past your veterinarian, or you can simply pick Koparo’s range of natural, plant-based cleaners.