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Gadget Disinfectant spray for devices

How to disinfect your devices - Here are some of the must-know gadget care tips!


How well do you treat your gadgets in terms of keeping them clean? Are they a part of your daily, weekly or even monthly clean-up routine? 

Gadget Disinfectant Spray

If the answer to that is a silent no then you might want to reconsider your clean-up regime because gadgets carry more pathogens than you know. You use your phone a million times a day, and now with work from home being the new normal, you pretty much survive on water and your laptop. Your iPads have become your source of social life and your earphones are rarely out of your ear. Things are bound to pack up on germs.

But where there is dirt there is an all-purpose cleaner waiting to be sprayed. But not just yet, we don’t want you to go spraying around your touch screen mercilessly, there are different ways to approach every device. Let’s get into how you can show some love to all your favourite screens. 



First thing’s first though, before you take our or anybody else’s word on keeping electronics clean, be sure to read what the manufacturer has to say. They know their product better than anyone else. If they have a prescribed way of cleaning something, follow it to the t. We are only here to give a general tip on how to clean your devices. And never, we repeat NEVER, spray directly onto them. Be sure to disconnect or better yet, switch off whatever it is you’re about to clean


Those grimy circles on the touchpad and fingerprints on the screen (and the cookie crumb in between letters Y and U on the keypad, yes we see you) are all alarming signs telling you that your laptop must be cleaned. 

Switch off your device and blow out any visible crumbs or pieces using compressed air. Be sure to check the keyboard, the speaker, the ports and any place where tiny things might get lodged. 

Take a microfiber cloth and dampen it (do not wet it) with Koparo’s Gadget Disinfectant Spray. Now, gently wipe your screen to remove any fingerprints or smudges.

Using the same cloth and give the back of your laptop cover a good wipe too along with the keyboards. 

If you have a desktop, clean the monitor and keyboard the same way. Use compressed air first then the wiping. 


For the television screen, if it has a non-reflective coating which most modern-day TV’s use, you can skip the cleaner and use a damp cloth (water) to wipe it thoroughly. As for the edges of the television, you can use your gadget disinfectant spray. Make sure it’s a lint free cloth.

Now for the remotes, your favourite device. It’s a gadget most of us don’t think twice about handling, what if we told you they are on average 20 times dirtier than your toilet seat. Yes, let that sink in. Clean them with a cloth sprayed with your gadget disinfectant spray and get to those impossible areas between the teeny buttons with your cotton ear buds. The Netflix binge can now commence!

Mobile Phones

Gadget disinfectant spray for mobiles

Ensure it is switched off first. Then dampen a microfiber cloth with the gadget disinfectant spray and wipe down on the screen and the back.

Use a cotton swab to clean out any ports. It is tough for the cloth to reach all the nooks and corners. You can also use the cotton swab, dampen it with disinfectant spray, to clean the camera. Now with a dry swab wipe again so no moisture remains on the camera.

The same applies to your iPad and Tablets. 

Cables and Cords

  • Step 1 - Detangle them! We know it’s pure hell but cleanliness demands so, we don’t make the rules.
  • Step 2 -  Take a dry cloth and wipe along every cord. Use a cotton swab to wipe the ends of each cord and cable. 

Bluetooth speakers and devices

Clean out the grooves and ridges with compressed air first. You can use your microfiber cloth dampened with your Gadget Disinfectant to wipe both non-fabric and fabric bits. Again, cotton swabs will come in handy again for those tricky tiny spaces.


This one’s a little icky, we won’t lie, considering how long we use them. It’s a fact that using earphones can speed up the production of ear wax, so naturally, your ears and your earphones need regular cleaning to keep things hygienic.

Remove the rubber ends of your earphones first and keep them aside. Use a small microfiber cloth dampened with the gadget disinfectant spray to wipe down the cords. Now using a dampened cotton swab, clean out the part where the rubber ends are supposed to be. Make tiny circular motions with the swab. Use the swab to clean the rubber ends separately.