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How to Clean Your Wooden Furniture?

How to Clean Your Wooden Furniture?


Wooden furniture provides your living space a wonderful, rustic look. It's one of the simplest ways to make your house feel more welcoming and comfortable. To improve the beauty of contemporary homes, modern interior designers use intricately designed hardwood furniture. Wood is also quite durable and can endure a very long time if properly cared for. Cleaning your wooden furniture on a regular basis, as well as intensive cleaning on occasion, can go a long way toward preserving its shine.

Dust Frequently

The sun, heat, and other factors may cause havoc on your wooden furniture, and the last thing you want to see are layers of dust developing on it. Dusting your furniture on a regular basis can help keep it appearing clean at all times. Always use a soft material, such as old t-shirts or microfiber. Dusters will help you in cleaning those difficult-to-reach engravings.
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Do deep cleaning once in a while

While dusting and wiping is necessary on a regular basis, you should not overlook the necessity of deep cleaning every now and again. Deep cleaning your hardwood furniture helps ensure that it lasts longer and retains its brilliance. When cleaning wood, never use an alcohol based cleaner. However, persistent stains can be cleaned with a moderate soap and water mixture. Don't forget to wipe it down with a moist cloth afterwards.

Re-oil & re-wax to restore shine

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You only have to re-oil your wooden furniture if it has become dry over time and you want to restore its shine. After wiping the surface with a washcloth, liberally apply furniture oil. Allow at least 15 minutes for the furniture to soak all of the oil. You may need to re-wax your furniture if it has a wax protective layer. With the help of a cleaning pad, apply the wax and spread it out. For a smoother application, make sure you follow the grains.

Use Tea Bags to Eliminate the Old Polish

In some cases, the dirt on the aged polished wood furniture is quite persistent. A special treatment is required in some cases. If the duster is useless, there is no other option than to benefit from the tea bags. The preparation is definitely easy. In a pan of boiling water, soak two tea bags. Allow the tea to sit at room temperature for a couple of hours. The usage of tomorrow is considered to be better.

After letting the tea cool, steep your soft cloth in the same pan where you boiled the tea bags. Wring out the fabric until it's completely dry, then use it to wipe down the wooden furniture. Using the tea approach, you can easily fade the old polish buildup away.

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Throw in coffee beans to fight odour

So you've got wooden furniture with a bunch of drawers and cabinets. When you open these shelves, have you ever detected a particular odour? Because of the humidity and climatic circumstances, odour is inevitable. However, placing some coffee grounds or a bowl of bleach inside can help to eliminate odours. You'll be shocked at how quickly the odour vanishes.

Use baking soda for stains

We often forget the value of coasters on tables, and here are some reasons why you should get some. Heat rings and water stains from glasses and bottles can dull the appearance of your oak table. However, you can remove these stains by placing non-gel toothpaste on the stain and gently rubbing it with a washcloth. Baking soda and water can be used to clear stubborn stains.
For folks in a hurry, at Koparo we have designed a wood safe furniture cleaner with added orange oil to help you remove dust while conditioning your wood. This isn’t a polish but an actual cleaner. We simply love how you can wipe down your dining table, wooden sofas, kids tables and chairs so effectively with this product! Try it for yourself