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Organic Moisturizing Body Wash

6 Benefits of Natural Shower Gel over Bar Soap


We are either stark loyalists when it comes to the soap we use, or we love experimenting with a plethora of soaps ranging from bars to liquid. After all, the market offers us such an extensive range, it’s hard not to try them all. Wherever you lie on the soap spectrum, the endless debate of Bar vs Liquid is one to consider. So let’s see what either has to offer and what benefits might a liquid body wash have over a traditional soap bar. 

Herbal Shower Gel

Body Wash is a better moisturising option

Your skin type, naturally, should play a central role in deciding what you use for your skin. If you have a generally dry skin, which can often be extremely flaky, then shower gel is your best option as they’re known to be way more moisturising than a bar soap. Bar soaps available in the market often have  a surfactant known as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate that has the tendency to strip your skin of its natural oil.

Bars also tend to have a high pH level, when this comes in contact with your body’s naturally low pH level, it can cause irritation and a change in your skin’s texture.

This really isn’t a fun scenario especially for those with sensitive skins or living in dry climatic conditions so body wash is the advisable option.

Body Wash Recommended for Skin Conditions

Due to its moisturising properties, the right body wash which is also mild on the skin is recommended for people with various chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or even acne. Again depending upon the need of the skin and your dermatologist’s recommendation there are various soaps available to treat these conditions and there is a very good chance they’re all in shower gel form and not bar soap. You can try out our Koparo Natural Mogra Body Wash which is suitable for all skin types. 

Gives a luxurious lather 

Body washes are an excellent way of getting a luxurious lather with minimal scrubbing, and without stripping away the protective layer of our skins. A bath with good lather can often feel like you have gotten a better cleanse and it feels more relaxing. Bar soaps don’t tend to lather much as their liquid counterpart while also being harsher on your skin. On a lighter note, if you never grew out of loving bubbles, shower gels definitely win this round.

Travel Convenience

Shower Gels hands down are more convenient in terms of its use not only at home but also while travelling. Soap bars don’t dry quickly and if you’re on the run, storing and carrying them can be a messy ordeal. It’s liquid format also makes it easier when it comes to its use. Yes, we are considering the horrible possibility of a leak, those in flight pressure can be quite scary for your luggage items, but as long as things are sealed well, no harm no foul.

Body wash can prove to be more hygienic 

Unlike a bar soap, a body wash is contained in a bottle so there is no worry of contamination. Furthermore, bar soaps stay in the shower and aren’t always in a dry condition, which means it can even be a breeding ground for bacteria, especially on its surface. So when a bar soap first comes in contact with your skin, there is a chance that some bacteria can transfer.


Best Organic Body Wash

Again, your bar soaps, unless stored properly, are constantly surrounded by moisture. Sometimes, if there is a little water accumulated in the soap holder, you might find a gooey residue waiting for you. This won’t be a problem with shower gels as they’re meant to last much longer than soap bars, no mess no stress. 


Finally your choice for which to go with, shower gel or bar soap should depend on what you are solving for. If you need to hydrate your skin, need specific benefits such as exfoliation or acne treatment then a shower gel or body wash designed for that condition might be the better option.