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Dishwashing Brush

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Product Information:


• Sturdy palm-held dishwashing brush has an easy-fill reservoir to dispense exact amount of liquid required with the push of one simple button
• Comes with its own stand which is compact and adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen sink
• Non-scratch bristles are ideal for porcelain, glass, bone-china, steel and even non-stick cookware!
• Dense bristles give extra-foaming action that help cut through grease very effectively in kadhai and other Indian cooking utensils
• Easy to clean by disassembling it and does not disintegrate fast like ordinary sponges
• Ergonomic design which dismantles easily to clean it and it drip-dries naturally by your sink

High foaming power for extra anti-grease action

Where to use?

Steel Dishes

High quality bristles do not scratch steel ware. The dishwashing liquid dispenser makes it ideal to clean large and small steel utensils.

Non Stick Cookware

Bristles are soft so as not to damage the coating of non-stick cookware. Now you can clean your cook-ware with peace of mind that no coating is being stripped in the dishwashing process.


Ergonomic design helps in preventing slippage while cleaning porcelain, glass and other bone china items. Bonus of softer bristles avoid any scratching of such utensils.

Durable and no-scratch design


Koparo dishwashing brush cleaner is developed with the highest grade of nylon bristles that last long and do not fall out in a short time. The bristles also do not scratch glasses, chinaware and non-stick cookware.

The compact design and ergonomic development make it an ideal choice for modern homes with a variety of dishwashing needs ranging from glassware, porcelain, bake ware, steel cookware and non-stick utensils.

Usage is simple and highly intuitive. Open lid, add dishwashing liquid and press to release liquid with high foam action under running water.

The bottle brush is designed to drip dry naturally. The brush can also be disassembled in seconds and individual parts can be cleaned separately.

More Details

MRP (inclusive of all taxes): ₹429
• Imported & packaged by:
Trendeasy, 1st Floor, Flat No.E/108, Suman Sath, EWS-
14, B/S Ambyvalley Heights Utran, Surat,
Gujarat, 394101
• Country of Origin – India
• Expiry Date - 5 years from the date of manufacture

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What is special about Koparo's dishwashing brush?

Koparo's dishwashing brush is ergonomic in design and fits easily in your palm to enable low effort cleaning. Further it can be cleaned by disassembling it easily. It also has a unique drip dry design so no more soggy and wet smell sponges on your kitchen sink.

Is the Koparo dishwashing brush safe to use on delicate cookware?

Yes, the Koparo dishwashing brush is designed with soft but effective bristles that are gentle on delicate cookware surfaces, ensuring no scratches or damage.

How long does the Koparo dishwashing brush last?

The durability of the Koparo dishwashing brush allows it to last up to three times longer than regular plastic brushes, making it a long-lasting and cost-effective option.

Does the Koparo dishwashing brush have any antibacterial properties?

Its high quality bristles dry fast and hence inhibit growth of any bacteria. Further it has a drip dry design and hence compared to other sponges it dries quickly.

Can the Koparo dishwashing brush be recycled at the end of its life?

Absolutely! Koparo is committed to sustainability, and their dishwashing brush is recyclable, ensuring it can be responsibly disposed of when it reaches the end of its useful life.