Our Mission

Safety and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. We pride ourselves on making incredibly powerful + incredibly safe cleaners while also choosing an eco-friendly route to deliver you the 100% clean experience.

Ingredients redefined

We have searched for the most powerful plant based ingredients that take the fight to dirt, grime and germs and packed them in good measure in our cleaners. We avoid using non biodegradable ingredients that are potentially harsh for you and certainly harmful for the planet. Our cleaners are between 95 to 99% biodegradable - go on and get them to fight against the dirt, guilt free!

Packaging redefined

We create our bottles from 35% recycled plastic and over time will push ourselves on this metric harder. Our bottles are 100% recyclable. Soon we will be introducing refill pouches further eliminating the need for shipping you any plastic.

If you’re here and buying from our website, we will deliver the products to your home in zero-plastic outer packaging. Yes, you heard that right - no more annoying plastic films, bubble wraps clogging your bins and our precious planet.

Habits redefined

When we are ready to ship our refills to you, we will start a unique take-back program. You mail us (post is just fine) 4 refill pouches back in a pre-addressed envelope and we will ship you an extra refill with your next order. Why are we doing this? The answer’s simple, while recycling laws have been around in India for a while we aren’t very good at this. We want to give you that one additional reason to make a smarter choice for the planet.

What's in the bottle?

We have nothing to hide and will tell you all about the ingredients - their names and what is their source. 

We completely avoid the nasties - phosphates, parabenes, EDTA, triclosan, chlorine, ammonia, synthetic dyes as these have been linked to several short & long term health issues including breathing discomfort, allergies, hormone imbalances, and even cancer.

Considering how these can adversely affect us, our loved ones and the environment, we have devised a formulation that is eco-friendly, kid safe and pet safe. We have ensured that while being naturally sourced and plant-based, our non-toxic products do what they are supposed to do well in the first place i.e. clean effectively.

For a product-wise listing of ingredients click on the product below to learn more.